The Creative Diary in Quarantine 30 – to end a journal

To end a diary

Because the end of these free prompts creative diary is coming, we are looking how to close a diary. You can close a diary after a certain important period, after every week, but also after every year. There are several techniques for closing. Today and tomorrow we see 2 of them.


Writing, drawing and collage

  1. Go to the beginning of your diary, or to the beginning of the period you want to ‘oversee’, or the beginning of this quarantine in the diary.
  2. Look at what you wrote or made back then. Then look for an image in a magazine that fits that: what atmosphere were you in at the time? In what emotion?
  3. Take a double page in your journal. On the LEFT sheet you color the page according to your feeling from the start of that period with paint or soft pastel or … Stick your image on this left sheet.
  4. Now browse through your journal and consider the entire period from then to now. Find an image for this process, for the road you traveled.
  5. Color your RIGHT page according to the feeling you experience during this process. Stick your second image on this right sheet.
  6. Now consider what those pictures might have to do with each other. Write that down on a scratch paper if necessary. Try to let the picture ‘tell it’ to each other by making up a connection between them. That may produce an absurd text or maybe one picture can tell something to the other (emotions, tips …). You can tell from your left page to your right page and vice versa. Practice your imagination.
  7. Decorate the rest of your page after the conversation so that the conversation also ‘comes into the picture’.


“The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn’t said.” P. Drucker 


What if … you don’t know what to write? Consider, for example, the following: what would the image of the beginning of your chosen period tell about the image of today? And vice-versa.

What if … you find it difficult to find images? Then FEEL which image fits. It doesn’t have to make sense.


Inspiration from Jenny de Bode


TIP: Make your background first before pasting the images on it. You can make a more extensive background than just a color, but remember that you still have to be able to write on it. You can also add extra afterwards. Make it your story, your communication between then and now.

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Important to know:

Working in a Creative Diary is NOT about results, it’s about expressing you inner self. It is NOT about techniques, techniques only help you to express yourself in more different ways. The exercises I give are an INVITATION, not an obligation. You can do the exercise, or not, you can do it differently, it’s at your choosing. The most important thing to remember is that you’re putting yourself and your (inner) world on paper, you are NOT making art. So feel inspired by images, but don’t compare yourself ! Fun and self-expression come first.

What do you need?

  • markers
  • coloured pencils
  • writing materials
  • scissors
  • glue
  • watercolour
  • soft pastels
  • oil pastels
  • some magazines

And of course: a journal/diary. I recommend an 8,3 inches x 11,7 inches notebook (A4 format) with blank paper, but take whatever you find in your house. Blank papier is good too.

More information:

The exercises used in this Creative Diary are based on a method described by Lucia Capacchione, American art-therapist and author of the book The Creative Journal, by Anne-Marie Jobin, Canadian art-therapist and author of the soon to be coming book The New Creative Journal, and myself, Sarah Timmermans, Belgian art-therapist and psychologist (Dutch book: Het Creatieve Dagboek). The method blends knowledge from writing therapy, art-therapy, psychology and basic creativity. It’s a simple method that doesn’t requires any artistic skills and has been used with many ages, many individuals and many groups of people. More questions? Please write me.

Who am I?

I’m Sarah Timmermans, Belgian art-therapist, naturopath and psychologist. I’m trained by Jungian art-therapist/psychologist Csilla Kemenzcei. I work with individuals and with groups. I’m specialised in using diaries, tarot (archetypes) and dreams.