The Creative Diary in Quarantine 18 – to reach out

Reach out to the other.

A letter or a postcard is a way to reach out to the other. In times when we need to stay indoors and have little contact with others, reaching out to others is very important. We often do this with digital media, but what about the good old letter or postcard?

Collage & writing

  1. Take a piece of (hardened) paper. (to make a card)
  2. Make up a nice, short message. Cut out letters in magazines to shape that message. Write something nice on the postcard. Decorate.
  3. Make an envelope with a large print from a magazine or a nice paper. Use this template (which you copy and then cut out and fold and paste).
  4. Insert your postcard.
  5. Now you have several choices:
  •  You send the postcard to someone you know.
  • You leave the postcard on a bank or a visible place so that a stranger gets your message.
  • You put the postcard in any letterbox near you while you walk.


“To send a letter is a good way to go somewhere without moving anything but your heart.” – Phyllis Theroux


What if … you have difficulties copying and cutting templates? Then use an existing envelope, but pimp them with stickers or cute curls. The purpose of this exercise is mainly to reach out to others and not to create artistic miracles.

What if … you’re afraid of passing the virus on through the letter? The virus appears not to survive well on paper and cardboard. So leave it in your hallway for 24 hours before sending / leaving the letter.

What if … you really can’t go outside? Throw your envelope out the window into the street. Or secretly put the envelope in someone’s bag if they bring you groceries. Or give the envelope to the postman if he comes to ring the doorbell. Or ask someone to do it for you.


TIP: Leaving his letterbox in a visible place or in an unknown is a pretty exciting, funny event. You really should try it!

Would you like to get in touch with others? In Facebook you find a page where participants connect.


Important to know:

Working in a Creative Diary is NOT about results, it’s about expressing you inner self. It is NOT about techniques, techniques only help you to express yourself in more different ways. The exercises I give are an INVITATION, not an obligation. You can do the exercise, or not, you can do it differently, it’s at your choosing. The most important thing to remember is that you’re putting yourself and your (inner) world on paper, you are NOT making art. So feel inspired by images, but don’t compare yourself ! Fun and self-expression come first.

What do you need?

  • markers
  • coloured pencils
  • writing materials
  • scissors
  • glue
  • watercolour
  • soft pastels
  • oil pastels
  • some magazines

And of course: a journal/diary. I recommend an 8,3 inches x 11,7 inches notebook (A4 format) with blank paper, but take whatever you find in your house. Blank papier is good too.

More information:

The exercises used in this Creative Diary are based on a method described by Lucia Capacchione, American art-therapist and author of the book The Creative Journal, by Anne-Marie Jobin, Canadian art-therapist and author of the soon to be coming book The New Creative Journal, and myself, Sarah Timmermans, Belgian art-therapist and psychologist (Dutch book: Het Creatieve Dagboek). The method blends knowledge from writing therapy, art-therapy, psychology and basic creativity. It’s a simple method that doesn’t requires any artistic skills and has been used with many ages, many individuals and many groups of people. More questions? Please write me.

Who am I?

I’m Sarah Timmermans, Belgian art-therapist, naturopath and psychologist. I’m trained by Jungian art-therapist/psychologist Csilla Kemenzcei. I work with individuals and with groups. I’m specialised in using diaries, tarot (archetypes) and dreams.