Art-therapy AMC ©

The AMC © method (the Analysis of the Embodied Myths) is a form of art-therapy from the founder Csilla Kemenczei, psychologist, Jungian Analytical psychotherapist and art-therapy. (read more on the french Athanor website)

It is a method based on the principles of Jungian Analytical Psychology and Intimate Art which allows us to explain, amplify, generalize and test our own experiences, through myths, tales and legends and creation. The imagination, dreams, the symbolic act and the “initiation process” are important in stimulating the integration of the Self.

It is wrong to think that “crafts” or “fairy tales” are intended for children. On the contrary, this method is also suitable for adults who wish to use the world of stories and symbolism to introspect, understand and make sense of experiences, change / transform their life and shape their authentic selves. Fairy tales are read, but they are also experienced and used to integrate our history and give it a place.