About me


Before becoming an art therapist I worked in education and had a naturopathic or holistic health practice. In 2015 I opened my art therapy practice and started working in groups and individually around different life themes and with different plastic art techniques.

I have always been curious about the ‘why’ of life and so I enriched my experiences with training in art therapy AMC © and with a master’s degree in psychology at VUB which consolidated my knowledge.

I work with adolescents (16+), (young) adults and the elderly.


I specialize in the following topics:

– mourning and loss

– existential questions

– burnout

– pregnancy, pre- & post-natal parenting

– help for parents who are having difficulty educating their children


I have experience with:

– cancer and other (chronic) diseases

– trauma

– sexuality

– different life themes

My tools are:

– psychotherapy

– art therapy (AMC © – Csilla Kemenzcei)

– non-violent resistance (NVR – Haim Omer)

– non-violent communication (Marchal Rosenberg)

– writing therapy

– the creative diary and art-journal

– sand play

My theoretical and philosophical therapy inspirations:

– person-centered psychotherapy (Carl Rogers) and existential psychotherapy (Yrvin Yalom)

– positive psychology

– Jungian Analytical Psychology

– Narrative and collaborative therapy

– Solution-focused therapy

sarah.benjamin.timmermans @gmail.com

+32 (0)497 94 48 39